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The Orange Lingerie Blog

I have always liked this pin tuck technique on the Stella McCartney “Cherie Sneezing” bra. I just love how it adds depth and interest to the overall design. I have been wanting to try this out and thought that the Boylston bra, with its clean lines and balconette neckline, would show off the pin ...
One of the best things about making your own bras is the ability to modify sewing patterns to achieve different looks and still get the same great fit. Today, I want to show you how to adjust our Devonshire bra pattern to change the original balconette cups to a half-cup silhouette by lowering t...

I recently returned from a trip to Paris to visit the Salon International de la Lingerie and it was so inspirational! I was not able to get many pictures at the show since most companies were not ok with photos of their upcoming collections so to compensate I took a lot of notes and today I want to share my overall impressions.

I am thrilled to launch our Devonshire bra for DDD to J cup sizes! Now more sewists than ever can make make this lovely bra style. The Devonshire bra now joins our Marlborough bra and our Boylston bra sewing patterns in offering sizes ranging from 30A up to 40J. That is the 34H size pictured abov...
I am super excited to announce that this year I am a BERNINA ambassador! If you have been following me or attended one of my workshops, you know that I love BERNINA sewing machines. (Yes, BERNINA is supposed to be in all caps!) I bought my first BERNINA, a B 530, in 2015 after serious searching a...
To start the new year, we decided to refresh our Boylston bra sewing pattern! We wanted to update the pattern instructions for all sizes to include even more information to help you make your own beautiful and professional looking bra. The sewing pattern itself, a well loved classic, remains unchanged.
As we are approaching the New Year, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Orange Lingerie makes of 2019! Seeing your creativity and personal styles is always a thrill. I have listed the name and Instagram account of the maker under each photo, so you can see more of their work, as well as the...
The beauty of the Munroe briefs pattern is that it really lends itself to all kinds of pattern alterations to achieve a variety of different looks. Some of the changes that come immediately to mind are lowering the waist line to create a hipster brief or adjusting the leg line for less coverage. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to alter the Munroe pattern to get the trendy high leg, cheeky look.
We have been working behind the scenes to bring you an even better experience each time you visit our site. Let’s take a look at some of the new features!
While we were working on the Lexington bra, I realized that I just had to have matching underwear. I just needed a matching set! As soon as the bra style was finalized, we started developing the Munroe briefs and I am loving the resulting set.
This variation came about while I was researching inspiration for the Lexington bra. I noticed several similar styles with a split lower cup. I love the look of the split cup and as a bonus, splitting the lower cup is also a great way to add volume to the cups. If you made up a muslin of the Lexington bra and it looks like you need some additional volume in the lower cup, give this alteration a try!
If you saw our Lexington bra sewing inspiration blog post, you already know that there are so many fun ways to sew up our newest bra pattern! Today I’m going to show you how to turn the Lexington bra into a lounge bralette without foam. This version is also a delight to cut and sew because it simplifies both the cutting and sewing.