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Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

From the The Orange Lingerie Blog
Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

What a great #BRAugust Instagram photo challenge! I am so grateful to Tailor Made Shop for hosting this summer event so beautifully. This is now the third year of #BRAugust and I was amazed at the growing number and quality of makes. Choosing highlights was difficult, there were so many favorites!

Similarly to last year's roundup, we wrote the IG handle of the maker under each photo, so you can discover more of their lingerie sewing work and be inspired! Links to each pattern are also provided if you'd like to make your own.

Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020amazing detail shots
from left to right: @alice.palazon / @manimarienkaefer / @alice.palazon

This year the thing that struck me most is how creative the fabrics and your uses of them were. The meshes, laces and embroidered sheers available do not cease to amaze me, and it seems like you had fun picking them and figuring out playful placements. Also, kuddos on some great detailed shots and photography setups.

I grouped my favorites below by pattern, because it is fascinating to see the rainbow of lingerie created from the same pattern, once infused with your personalities and preferences!



Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

Devonshire bra makes, from left to right:
@sewlovelymakes * I love the choice of mesh and the playful placement of the embroidery.
@sweet_epiphany00 * Amazing true deep red, and great use of this allover fabric by cutting the scallops.
@sewlovelymakes * In love with the fabric and color choices, it transports me to Versailles immediately.


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

from left to right:
@alice.palazon * This fabric blows my mind and the whole bra is so sweet
@workspacefads * Adorable use of eyelet lace, the overall style is just charming
@tailormadeshop * This is next level. I was blown away and wondered why I never thought of doing a color split


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

@sosewmarion, great job on the cups of the Mystic bra! and this rusty red is a wonderful color.


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020
bra makes, from left to right:

@sewlimitless * A classic dark floral with a contemporary texture. Very Dolce & Gabbana. Fabuloso!
@willwork4dress * Just love the celebration of the pattern of this black lace, and the sheerness of the entire bra.
@sylvie.zajac * The baroque flair! The color palette! Maybe I should call this entire series of femme fatale bras 'The Italians' :)

Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

from left to right:
@colorfulfindings * Love the embroidery and poetic colors of this mesh, and the placement of the flowers is so pretty. It makes me think of fairy tale illustrations.
@lizzieandlightning * How whimsical!!! A great way to combine small pieces, for a magical result.
@lingeretta * This lush fabric is just amazing (gives me a baroque vibe again), and I love the different picot shapes.


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

Lansdowne makes from left to right:
@runningamuckdesigns * What a great take on the Lansdowne. Love the addition of straps, the lace that almost creates a plaid weave and the all-black look. Dark and edgy. 
@manimarienkaefer * Omg what a dream of colors and textures. This bra transports me to a tropical island right away, the whole palette is so on point. I couldn't stop looking at the pictures.
@alice.palazon * Love the slickness of this black mesh, the original pattern of the scallops, and the gemstone detail in the center is so precious.


Our favorite makes of #BRAugust 2020

Our favorite makes of #BRAugust 2020

Lexington makes from left to right:
@a.malmin * Love these shades of cobalt blue, and the treatment of the straps with rings & picot elastic details - it gives the Lexington a really great 'athleisure' look.
@cassannebarry * The small floral print is so cute, and the soft color combination also strikes a great balance between a romantic palette and athletic lines.
@fabricdumpster * Fabulous stripes! A strong and fun statement, with the miniature stripes of the bow to match.


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

Esplanade makes from left to right:
@angel_sews * What a cool set matching the Esplanade bra with our Kingston Thong. I love the contrast between the two fabrics, it creates a surprise from the back to the front, and the play on transparency is great!
@thestitchfitz * A lovely hack of this pattern, turned into the sweetest dress, the fabric flowers and sheer straps are all summer all the time.
@heids9584 * Very cool and versatile printed silk, would look great with jeans, a jacket, dress pants, you name it.


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020 Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

Berkeley makes from left to right:
@gravitybygrandy * Dark emerald lace? Yes please. Dark green and black work well together, and instantly create a dressy vibe. 
@lpsewing * Love the cabaret vibe of this matching set! The overlay of lace on stripes works beautifully, as well as the wide picot elastic for the straps.
@liz_sews * Floored by more fabulous fabrics and gorgeous color choices. 


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020 So much love for all the details of this Fenway bra by @colorfulfindings. The pink and grey mesh combination, the delicate floral embroidery and the scallop placements at the bottom. So lovely.


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020 Boylston makes from left to right: * Slick and cute, I love how the color contrast of the lace with the pink straps creates the illusion of a bandeau bra!
@cecilebricole * Beautiful all-white design, and look at how the embroidered edge on the sheer mesh seems to be floating above the cup.

Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020
from left to right:
@beata.sews * Super original color blocking, the result is very dynamic and slick!
@henni_sews * Love both of these bras, and the mono-fabric statements they make (the black lace is out of this world!)
@vorobeibird * A special mention for the fact that this fabric was embroidered by the maker. How beautiful and what a realm of possibilities!

Finally I would like to give a shout-out to the lingerie-but-non-bra patterns that came to life this summer!


Our favorite makes of #BRAugust 2020

Love this multicolored ombre on the Montgomery briefs by @stephlinde.


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020

So happy to see that the Leverett closure is coming handy to completely customize your bras! A beautiful lace-covered one is by


Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2020I love seeing pieces from our new Silk Collection start to take a life of their own! This gorgeous lilac Bellevue camisole by @vivianmade is just the perfect shade of glamour.

Thank you for all your talent, passion and for creating much needed joy during this #BRAugust 2020. I can not wait until next year!