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Newell Slip Skirt Styling Inspiration

From the The Orange Lingerie Blog
Newell Slip Skirt Styling Inspiration

This week I wanted to show you some ways to wear a slip skirt like our Newell Slip Skirt by sharing my favorite styling ideas!


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration

left: model Van Le (photo credit Forever Vanny)
right: model unknown (photo credit Lucky Brand)

I love how easy yet stylish this combination is. Any big sweater (the more oversized, the better!) worn with a slip skirt is an instant look, both for going out and staying at home. If you are a bit sensitive to regular sheep's wool, other wools such as alpaca are extremely soft. Or you can opt for cotton sweaters, also a great choice for fresh summer evenings and half-seasons. Note how large ribbing greates a textural contrast to the smoothness of the silk.


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration

left: model Patricia (photo credit Peexo)
right: model unknown (photo credit unknown )

This has to be my favorite match. Leather jackets are protective and give a rugged feel which balances the softness of a silk skirt. Note how a dark color for the top creates a harmonious shade with the jacket, which then gives room for a color contrast with the slip skirt. Tip: choosing a light grey or a shade of bronze for your silk will make them look metallic (silver, gold, copper).


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration

left: model Frilancy Hoyle (photo credit Fri's Closet)
right: model unknown (photo credit The Serenity Wear)

Who would have thought that a simple classic t-shirt would work so well with a slip skirt?! Do not tuck it in (silk magnifies any textural irregularity underneath it), but create a cropped T by knotting it at the front. And see how the shoes will dress this up or make it sporty and comfy. And why not choose an oversize t-shirt, and leave it untucked? It is really all in the accessories, shoes and overall styling that looks really come together.


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration

left: model Olivia Palermo (photo credit Style Du Monde)
right: model Adut Akech Bior (photo credit Style Du Monde)

How pretty is this? Here you are basically creating an effect in texture: by choosing a very similar shade for your other garments, you are highlighting the shiny ripples of the silk as opposed to the other textures. It really celebrates the richness of a color, and through plays of light puts the focus on the skirt!


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration

left: model Emili Sindlev (photo credit Emili Sindlev)
right: model Iga Wysocka (photo credit Iga Wysocka)

Boots work in a way similar to the leather jacket: they give out a feeling of toughness, which is a very interesting counterpoint to the delicateness of the slip skirt. Cowboy boots, combat boots, tall 70s boots... all styles will work. For a great example of a lace slip worn with black combat boots, check out our previous blog post about sewing inspiration for the Newell Skirt.


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration

left: models unknown (photo credit Kohl's)
right: model unknown (photo credit Missguided )


So cute! This is such a life-friendly look. Don a pair of your favorite sneakers, pair with a cute bag, and voilà! The slip skirt takes care of elevating the look with a touch of feminine bling. Dressy can come from many different places.

I hope you are inspired! As always, seeing your Newell Skirts is very exciting - don’t forget to hashtag your makes with #NewellSlipSkirt and #OrangeLingerie so I can find them all!