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Newell Skirt Sewing Inspiration

From the The Orange Lingerie Blog
Newell Skirt Sewing Inspiration

This week I wanted to show you a few different ways to get creative around our Newell Slip Skirt pattern!

As much of a classic piece of lingerie as the silk camisole, the slip skirt has also been brought back to the fore in fashion as outerwear. I love seeing how brands are having fun with the concept, and here are some of my favorite twists.


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration
skirt by Carbon38
photo credit Carbon38

The way this gauzy fabric reflects light is so unique. It gives the slip skirt a playful and futuristic style, and the bias cut is highlighted due to the transparency of the textile (the weave appears more clearly than for opaque fabrics).


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration
skirt by Lulus
photo credit Lulus

This kind of spotted / blotchy print is timeless really. It is a great alternative to animal prints, when you want a bit more 'protection' from the busyness of a patterned skirt - we are not always in the mood or in a situation where highlighting our body feels comfortable, so such fabrics are the ideal rescuers - modest yet still sexy!


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration
skirt by All Saints
photo credit All Saints

Classic but not so classic. I like the ratio of the lace trim to skirt body (a bit longer than traditionally seen, which highlights the lace!), and the regularity of the scalloped line between main fabric and lace. Plus the slit in this dark fabric gives even more of a graphic look. All interesting and slick details that make one give this skirt a second look.


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration
skirt by Fleur du Mal
photo credit Revolve


Ok so I have seen a few of these 'mini' slips and they are adorable!!  Even the slit is mini!! A very easy hack on the pattern, which brings a youthful vibe to the slip skirt and definitely sets it apart from the slip skirts of yore. This length also makes it very interesting as an 'alternative' to a cami, when you want to create a semi-lingerie look (let's say with a leather jacket and black tank top).


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration
photo credit Net-A-Porter


The choice of this lustrous, saffron-colored silk (I have talked in previous post about the extra glow that some shades give to silk) makes the skirt stand out in a major way, and the addition of covered buttons with rouleau loops is bridal level. If you are hesitating to launch into making rouleaus, you do not even need to make this a truly detachable panel: the covered buttons can be sewn on a topstitched seam as decoration, to almost full effect.


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration
skirt by Cami NYC
photo credit Cami NYC


Another way to reinterpret a classic. Tiny florals on silk chiffon, with yet again a very wide lace trim, with a scalloped connection this time to the main fabric, which helps blur the line between print and lace. Note how this effect works better if your lace is very close to the color of the background of your floral print. You could even try to create flounces with your lace, by assembling rounded sections together if your lace allows!


Newell Slip Skirt Sewing Inspiration
photo credit Abercrombie & Fitch


I know this last example is very simple. However, I cannot emphasize enough how your color choice can transform a very simple style into a statement. Here this refreshing shade of green gives the impression of crispiness, even if the silk is super soft and fluid. I would never have thought that such a powdered color would create such a dressy vibe. A good reminder to not hesitate and observe your reaction to many different colors when picking fabrics - take a chance on shades which were not necessarily obvious!


I cannot wait to see where you bring the Newell Slip Skirt! And as usual, don’t forget to hashtag your makes with #NewellSlipSkirt and #OrangeLingerie so I can find all of your makes!