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Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2019

From the The Orange Lingerie Blog
Our Favorite Makes from #BRAugust 2019

With the second annual #BRAugust Instagram photo challenge hosted by Tailor Made Shop, August has become one of my favorite months. I am so blown away with all of your great Orange Lingerie makes that you posted as part of #BRAugust that I wanted to highlight some of my favorites. For each image we provide the Instagram user name, so you can get a closer look at the garment as well as each person’s other lingerie sewing. We also link to the sewing patterns that were used so you can make your own!


Because the season is just about over in the Western Hemisphere, I have to start by showing these amazing swim top versions made from our bra sewing patterns.

To get the swim top on the left, @workspacefads modified the Esplanade bra and on the right, @nelliejoans modified the Boylston bra. These bright colors really make me want to hold on to what is left of the summer weather and spend it poolside.


As with these swimwear examples, one of the joys of making your own lingerie is the ability to use whatever colors you want. Let us now bask in the glow of the bright colors!

Starting in the upper left hand corner is a super bright neon Boylston bra made by @lauren.leigh. It actually glows! The tropical Marlborough bra was made by @justsews. I love a good print and this one is great to keep summer close to you all year long.

Moving to the bottom row, I love the pink trim that @keri_sews used on the neon and black Marlborough bra! Such a great way to add a shot of color! The second bra on the bottom row, sewn by @madepael, is one of the earliest makes I have seen of our newest pattern, the Lansdowne bra! This all lace version is so pretty – and it is authentic French ‘dentelle de Calais’!


There were also some gorgeous rich jewel tones that I could not stop staring at and that had me thinking about fall color palettes.

On the upper left we is a gorgeously rich navy Berkeley bra from @imogenpruthi. The color is also incredible on the burgundy lace Marlborough bra that follows, sewn by @justsews. On the lower left, the print on the Marlborough bra by @2bees is stunning. I love that she made this bra using the remnants of another project. Finally, the trio of Marlborough bras sewn by @katiemakesadress! Her Instagram grid is filled with her beautiful lingerie makes.


We all need some neutrals in our bra drawer and these delicate beauties caught my eye!

From left to right starting at the upper left:

The upper left is one of my favorite Berkeley bras, this one sewn by @agentthimble. That lace! Then the beautiful light beige foam cup Boylston bra sewn by @sohinisarkar9.  I love the effect of using of tulle for the frame and bridge for a lovely effect! I totally want to try this.

In the next row, @cha_mallow made such a beautiful split cup Marlborough bra. That lace is such a great choice! I love that it was used throughout the garment. Next is another great lace example in this Berkeley bra sewn by @du_fil_a_retors.

In the final row, this mixed lace Marlborough bra sewn by @rehgeschwister is just beautiful! White never needs to be boring. Then we have another of the beautiful bras sewn by @gabriella_kaikaina_handmade. I love the Fenway bra with pink lace and white tulle. So pretty!


Of course, there were also some amazing luxe sets! Both are great examples of what is possible when you make your own bras!

Appropriately named @all.the.lace made this beautiful Marlborough bra and Kingston thong set shown on the left using a raspberry lace over gold fabric. Just a reminder of the dramatic effect you can get when you layer fabric. On the right, @sophiesmakes made this stunning Marlborough bra and matching underwear for her mother!

These represent just a small sample of the many beautiful bras posted for #BRAugust! I hope you enjoyed August as much as I did!