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More Places to Shop for Bra Making Supplies in New York City

From the The Orange Lingerie Blog
More Places to Shop for Bra Making Supplies in New York City

A few weeks ago I headed to New York to pick up some supplies to make samples for my upcoming patterns. I stopped by my usual suppliers that I wrote about previously as well as a few additional places I wanted to share with you.


More Shops for Lingerie Making Supplies

For laces and trims I really like shopping at Mokuba. I found several great laces there on this last trip. To find the wider scalloped laces, head straight to the back of the store.


You can see some of the Mokuba lace selection from the picture below. They also have small bows other tiny embellishments to the right of the check out counter. Everything is really accessible and well displayed. There are so many lovely choices in this shop that I can never manage to get out the door without purchasing something!


Another lace and trim shop worth checking out is Shindo. Recently I posted a picture of the lace selection in the Paris store on Instagram. The New York store, while slightly smaller than the one in Paris, has a nice supply of lace and trim. They also have beautiful embellishments just perfect for the center front of a bra or underwear.


This trip I also took a peek into Eastern Trimming after reading Carolyn’s post about the shop on her Diary of a Sewing Fanatic blog. They also have many nice choices for lace and trims and the people working there were really nice.


The Most Efficient Shopping Trip

So where do you get bra making supplies if you are tight on time? You can get your supply shopping done quickly by going to Steinlauf and Stoller for all elastics and notions (black and white notions only, max underwire size is 42) and then getting all your fabrics from B&J Fabrics.

If you have more time and want to save some money (the power meshes at B&J are pricey), go to Spandex World for your power mesh. With a more few minutes in your schedule add in a trip to Pacific Trimming to get a better underwire casing (available in white only) and elastics in different colors. Finally, if you want lace, add Mokuba to your list, their selection is a bit larger than at Shindo and more manageable than Eastern Trimming.

One important update! Spandex World is now located at 253 W 35th Street. They have added a section with stretch lace trims in addition to all the usual stretch fabrics you expect from them.

For more information on where to shop for bra making supplies in NYC see my post here and don’t forget about my list of online bra making suppliers here.

Happy bra making!