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How to Make Perfect Spaghetti Straps

From the The Orange Lingerie Blog
How to Make Perfect Spaghetti Straps

If you saw my lace tutorial on the Britex Fabrics blog or my couture camisole you saw one my favorite things to make – spaghetti straps! I learned a great technique to make the perfect straps from Susan Khalje a few years ago and it never fails to produce a beautiful result.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1) Cut two 18” long by 2” wide bias strips, one for each strap.

It helps to have the bias strips a little longer than what you need for the final strap to make it easier to sew and to turn the strap.

To cut the straps, I use a rotary cutter and a ruler on my Olfa cutting mat where I can line up a corner of the fabric and use the 45-degree lines on the mat. Be sure to cut the straps on the true bias! If you do not, the straps will not end up perfectly flat and smooth.

2) With right sides together, fold strips in half and pin to prep for basting.

To pin the strap, start by placing a pin on each end of the strap and then one in the center. Next pin halfway between the center and the end on each side. Continue this pinning process (adding a pin to the center point between two other pins) until the strip is folded and secure for basting. This pinning technique will allow you to get the strip folded in half without struggling with the bias.

3) Hand baste the length of each strap at about ½” from the fold then remove the pins.

To baste the straps I use silk thread and a sharp hand sewing needle. I like these needles best and with their tiny eyes, I use my favorite needle threader.

4) While pulling taught, sew each strap by machine using a 2.0 mm stitch length. Really pull the strap!

How far you sew from the fold will determine the size of your straps. Just be sure your loop turner will be able fit through the fabric tube you are making so you can easily turn it to the right side!

Note that if your strap is not flat when you pull it to sew, it means your fabric strip was not cut on the true bias.

5) Remove the basting and trim the excess seam allowance to match the width of the straps. I use a rotary cutter and a ruler for speed and precision.

6) Turn straps using your preferred method. I use a simple loop turner.

7) Pin straps securely to a sleeve board keeping them taut while insuring that seams consistently face the same way throughout the length of each strap.

8) Spritz straps with water and steam. This is the magic step that will set your straps perfectly flat and straight.

9) Let straps set until dry then remove from the board and attach to your garment as desired.

That’s it! Now you can make perfect spaghetti straps!