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Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration

From the The Orange Lingerie Blog
Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration

This week I thought it would be fun to look at a few different ways to style the Bellevue Camisole

I really love how this classic piece of lingerie has been given a new life through creative layering, and is now a classic of outerwear and I hope these fun examples will inspire you in your sewing!


Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration

left: Marlijn Hoek (photo credit Eilish McCormick/Figarophoto via Contour RA)
right: Leigh-Anne Pinnock (photo credit Mark R. Milan/GC Images)

This works with so many kinds of shirts! A buttoned-up shirt (close it up all the way to the neck, so the different necklines are clear and the shape of the camisole is highlighted), a classic t-shirt, a turtleneck... The possibilities are endless. I would say the secret to good layering is not having the camisole be too tight over the first layer. Leave it roomy so the fabric does not pull, and the silk glides freely on top. Also a great opportunity to play with color and prints!


Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration

left: model unknown (photo credit Zara)
right: model unknown (photo credit Aritzia)

Camisoles look wonderful tucked into a long pencil skirt, or floating above it. I love the contrast between the soft black silk & lace camisole shown above and the biker vibe of the leather skirt. The neutral tone-on-tone works really well in both examples, and gives the whole silhouette a classic feel. Very feminine and streamlined.


Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration

left: Emily Ratajkowski (photo credit Photographer Group/Splash News)
right: model unknown (photo credit Zara)

This one is a classic already. Any, really ANY camisole design will work above a pair of jeans. It feels relaxed and summery, with a sweet touch of preciousness. Your jeans can be ripped too! My personal favorite would be a very worn in, faded blue pair that has more of a boyfriend fit. Oh, and feel free to cut your camisole shorter, if you would like to show some bellybutton - especially with high-waisted jeans!


Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration

left: FeiFei Sun (photo credit Melodie Jeng)
right: Kendall Jenner (photo credit unknown)

Aren't these adorable? Depending on the style of pants, your cami can take on a totally different feel! It's actually impressive how versatile they are - especially when made out of natural silk, which is a noble material - perfect when the occasion requires a little dressing up. Here I loved the elegance of both these women, the cuteness of the white sailor pants with a bow, and the joyful explosion of color of the extra-wide designer sweatpants.


Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration

left: Jasmine Tookes (photo credit CamiNYC)
right: Carine Roitfeld (photo credit Sebastian Faena)

This could be my favorite layering: a blouse, loose shirt or jacket over a camisole. It can be as fluid or structured as you want, the effect is almost always good, due to the way the neckline is framed: the blouse adds a level of protection while focusing the eye on a narrower, central area of the camisole. Which is why lace will work particularly well here, as it blurs the line close to the body in contrast with the clean edges of the jacket. This style can be worn at work, at dinners, any time of day really.


Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration

left: Kendall Jenner (photo credit unknown, runway Alberta Ferretti)
right: Amy Jackson (photo credit Fashion Jackson)

With shorts I personally prefer the tucked-in version. Since shorts already present a 'short' amount of fabric, it's nice to not hide them with what you are wearing on top (totally ok with big sweaters for example, but here I just feel that the proportions are nicer too). Since camis are so thin, tucking them in is usually not an issue, and you can have fun with the amount of fabric you will let balloon over the waist, to either showcase a belt (zero balloon) or completely hide it (full balloon).


Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration

left: Emily Ratajkowski (photo credit unknown)
right: Carlina Harris (photo credit Allergic To Vanilla)

This is part of the whole 'wear your pyjamas outside' fashion trend that we have been seeing lately, and I am loving it! So comfortable to pair a silk camisole with a gorgeous silk kimono, or a very soft long cardigan. And really, if you are worried about the look being too 'homewear', it is all in the shoes and accessorizing. Styling camisoles is all about the touch of softness and shine they will bring to ANY outfit, so do not be afraid to experiment with what your personal style usually is, and see what nuance is created by the pairing.

I would love to see your Bellevue camisoles - don’t forget to hashtag your makes with #BellevueCamisole and #OrangeLingerie so I can find them all!