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Additional Undergarments to Consider Packing for Vacation

From the The Orange Lingerie Blog
Additional Undergarments to Consider Packing for Vacation

Lingerie requirements for a vacation go beyond just bras and underwear. What about all the other lingerie you enjoy when you are at home? Which pieces should you take along with you on your trip? Following is a framework for thinking about the lingerie you will want to make room for in your suitcase.

Sleep Wear
At a bare minimum you should allow one sleep wear garment per week of travel, that way you can rotate pieces and launder as necessary. I generally like chemises since that means there is only one piece to pack. That said, I love my Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajamas so I will definitely bring them along on this trip!

Even if you do not spend much time at your hotel (or AirBnB), you may want something to wear while you are getting ready for the day or having a morning cup of coffee in your room. I love having my own lightweight coverup versus the huge and heavy terry cloth robes so often provided by hotels. For this trip I am bringing my latest Named Asaka Kimono along (yes, I have made more than one of these!).

Sock and hosiery needs will vary greatly by season. For winter trips, you will likely need more socks and/or tights than in summer months when all your shoes may be sandals and you prefer bare legs. A good way to determine hosiery quantity and type is to take a look at your outfits and think about what you want to wear with each one. Keep in mind that you can easily launder hosiery while traveling (you can refer to my post on lingerie laundry) so you do not need to pack a set for every single day. I like to add 1-2 more pairs of hosiery than I think I need because inevitably I end up changing shoe preferences when I travel, moving from a sandal to a sneaker for example.

For my upcoming late summer/early fall trip, I plan to take lots of these invisible socks. They are super compact and wash and dry easily so I don’t have to pack too many of them.

Specialty lingerie and accessories
Admittedly a very broad category! Items to consider are nipple covers and invisible underwear, for a smooth look under very fitted clothing, and any fun or fancy sets you may want to wear. If it is a beach/resort vacation you will want to think about swimwear and cover-ups.

For accessories, I keep fashion tapeshoe padding strips and a deodorant remover sponge in my suitcase at all times (I wear a lot of black!). I also like to have adjustable hem tape with me so I can wear a single pair of jeans with multiple shoe heights.

Exercise Gear
Finally, if you are planning to exercise during your trip, consider including a fresh set of exercise gear for every workout since effectively laundering these garments on the road can be a challenge without going to a laundromat. This particular trip is going to be an extended rest break from the gym for me so I am not packing any gym gear for a change!


This is by no means a complete list because ultimately the things we like to travel with are very personal. What additional underpinnings do you like to take with you on your trips? Share your tips in the comments!